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The purpose of this project is to provide services in the field of online gambling. A unique and exclusive software was specifically developed for this purpose that retains classic interface of casino games but allows the implementation of all sophisticated modern poker game rules, such as: poker vs casino with the option to buy a 6-th card twice, poker with draw of 1, 2 and 5 cards, poker with a joker (J-Poker), poker vs casino with the option to discard 5 cards or to buy 6-th card, that have never been available in the existing online casinos.

All games at the website are subject to the laws of probability, strictly comply with the rules described and absolutely coincide with the original live games.




    By registering at this bitcoin casino website, the player confirms that:

  1. He (she) meets legal age requirements for gambling in the country of his (her) citizenship.          
  2. By playing various games in the online casino, the player thereby confirms his (her) consent to the rules described in the corresponding sections of the website.          
  3. The player is aware of their responsibility to follow the legislation of the country of his (her) residence concerning gambling (playing for cash) on the Internet.

    And further, by participating in the games, lotteries and tournaments, the player shall know and adhere to the following:                    

  5. All the information provided by the player when registering in the bitcoin casino is confidential and is not used for purposes other than personal identification of the player and to provide security of his (her) account.
  6. All actions made using the player’s login and password are perceived by the online casino system as the player’s actions without exception. So casino administration strongly recommends that you do not entirely rely upon your memory, and avoid losing access to the account. Keep your account data (login and password) separately with no possibility of third parties gaining access it. In the case that your password becomes available to third parties, the player shall immediately change it in profile settings.
  7. To avoid third parties access, after the fifth wrong attempt to enter login and password, logging in to online casino from the current IP address is automatically blocked for up to 24 hours.
  8. The online casino keeps financial results of the games in secrecy from third parties and outside organizations. But it reserves the right to publish the results of tournaments and lottery drawings on the website using players’ usernames.            
  9. Casino administration allows one player to create multiple accounts, as there are many logical reasons to do so.   
  10. Inactive game sessions open for more than 7 days, automatically close without notification. All money is transferred to the player's account from the game table. The bets in unfinished dealings at the poker tables are deemed lost.
  11. The Bitcoin casino does not assume responsibility for a player's possible losses as a result of Acts of God, failures in Internet communication systems, failure of technical equipment, as well as incorrect operation of software programs by third party developers.
  12. Intentional use of the software capable of impairing online casino operation or worsening the website operation is prohibited. In case of detection of these kinds of activities, casino administration provides blocking the IP address of the violator until is clarified of the cause.
  13. In the case of rule violation Casino administration does not take confiscation of player funds into consideration as a form of punishment.                     
  14. Rules and conditions of certain games can be changed without prior notification, but any changes will be posted on the website news feed.            
  15. Bitcoin casino administration may introduce modifications and updates to these rules any changes will be posted on the website news feed.               
  16. The Bitcoin casino operates in GMT-0 time zone. The times in shown on website materials and messages is for this time zone.
  17. Casino software is developed and maintained by a group of independent developers; all rights to its use belong to the bitcoin casino Profit. The use of intellectual property of the casino (program code, texts, and images) in other projects is prohibited and is subject to prosecution.
  18. In case of disputable situations, the decision of online casino management is final.