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Receipt of this bonus does not limit a player in cash withdrawal. The winnings, the wagered part of bonus, as well as the player's own funds can be withdrawn at any time.


For every deposit to his casino account, the player receives a bonus equal to 50% of their deposit, which goes to the special bonus account. In this case, the entire deposit amount is transferred to the main player’s xBTC account. The bonus as such is accrued to the special bonus account and can be accumulated. The maximum amount of accumulated bonus is 500 xBTC.

In the course of wagering, money from bonus account is transferred to the main player’s account in portions of 10 xBTC. A bonus less than 10 xBTC is transferred in full. Bonus wagering is NOT LIMITED by time. In case of incomplete wagering of the bonus, cash withdrawal from the casino is NOT LIMITED.

The required wager amount for accumulated bonuses is 32. In other words, in order for the player to wager the bonus accrued to him, he must make bets in the amount of 32x(bonus amount). For example, if the player has 50 xBTC in the bonus account, to transfer them to the main xBTC account in full, the player has to make bets that total 1600 xBTC.

The bonus per each deposit can be wagered at slot machines, european roulette, roulette with return and roulette with increased payout. Notice that, 100% of all bets (BET) per lines at slot machines, 25% of all bets made at European roulette, 25% of all bets made at roulette with increased payout (except straight up bets), and 12.5% of all bets made at roulette with return are taken into account.

Zeroing of the main player’s xBTC account as a result of losses or cash withdrawal DOES NOT result in the zeroing of the bonus account.

You can see the current status of your bonus account in MY BONUSES section available at login.

Bonus wagering terms provided on this page are complete and do not imply additional or hidden conditions.