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J-poker is a type of poker with a joker. A feature of this game is that at the beginning of each new game, a random card is automatically determined to act as a joker for this game. This card appears on the J-board located on the game table. The Joker can act as any card, that strengthens the available hand. The exception is when you have a Pair and a joker. In this case, the Joker can only strengthen the hand to Two Pairs hand, i.e. forms a second pair with a card of higher rank. If you have three cards of the same rank, and one of these cards is highlighted on J-board (that is, a Joker), your hand is the Three of kind. In a Flush, the Joker is Two. In a Straight, the Joker forms the best Straight.

The J-board can display 53 different options: 52 of them correspond to the cards in the deck, and one – “DOC” (“Dealer's Open Card”) corresponds to the fact that the joker is a dealer’s revealed card. The probability of “DOC” is about 13%.

Additional features of J-poker: The player can exchange one card for an amount equal to Ante, two cards – for 2 Ante, three cards – for 3 Ante. TOP insurance of hands. TOP insurance differs from the common insurance only in that the minimum necessary poker hand for it is a Straight Flush. I.e., you can only insure the three strongest hands: Straight Flush, Royal Flush and Poker. The minimum dealer’s game is a Pair of Deuces. Bet on BONUS. Payout of the BONUS Bet in J-poker is according to the payout table.

Cards are dealt and hands are compared in a manner similar to the rules of classic poker. If you win, you get paid the Bet with a coefficient depending on the value of the hand in your box according to the payout table below. Ante is paid 1:1. In case of a “No game”, Ante is paid 1:1.

The minimum bet is 0.1 xBTC/FUN. The maximum bet is 20 xBTC/FUN. The maximum number of boxes to play openly is two.


Payout table
Combination name Payment of
Payment of
In pictures
Two pairs
Three of kind
4:1 25:1
5:1 50:1
Full House
7:1 80:1
Four of kind
15:1 150:1
Straight Flush
35:1 300:1
Royal Flush
75:1 500:1
150:1 1000:1