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How to get more profit from involving players

Involve thematic targeted traffic in order to increase the numbers of your regular players. Such players get rebates for their active game, which further prolongs the duration of their game and increases the partner's revenue up to 90% of the casino's estimated revenue. We can state with absolute certainty that 1 real player you involve will do better than 1000 random people who come in by your affiliate link!

How you can get a partner's revenue up to 90% of the casino's estimated revenue

Let us consider how the interest of the casino (2.7%) underlying the game of European Roulette is distributed. Whatever bets the player places, it makes no difference, for the pay-out rates are specified in such a way that the player's losses will always amount to 2.7% of the total bet sum in the layout. For better visibility, assume that the player has staked 1 chip at each number (Zero included) in the layout, with a total bet of 37 chips.

bet is 37 chips


With this bet, no matter what number falls, when the win and the bet return is paid out, the player will get back 36 chips instead of 37 chips. That is, he loses 1 chip per spin, which makes 2.7% of the total 37 chips bet.

win is 36 chips


2.7% or 1 chip as we have it in our example, is the initial estimated revenue of the casino, part of which will be allocated to the player promotion activities in the future, while the other part will be credited as the partner's profit.

In our casino, due to the system of bonuses, draws and returns paid out to the player (cashback), each 1 chip the player loses is distributed as follows: 30% (0.3 chip) is returned to the player in the form of bonus wins for each deposit, another 30% (0.3 chips) is returned to the player through a system of incentive games and tournaments, the next 30% (0.3 chips) are credited as profit to the partner who had involved the player in the game.

It should be clarified that the system of returns paid out to the player (30% as bonus wins and 30% as wins in incentive drawings and games) works only in case of a long game, i. e. when the game lasts until the player receives all these returns. As the player once again stakes in the game the money he has received in the amount of 60% of his estimated losses, he prolongs his game and increases the partner's profit. Since this cash cycle is nominally endless, until the player's money runs out, the partner's profit increases to 90% (30% + 60%) of the casino's estimated revenue. Players who leave the casino without winning back their bonuses, are not credited a 30% return due to them. Or else players who have "lottery" and "prize" bonuses on their account but do not use them, also remain without the other 30% return paid out to them. In those cases, the partner's profit remains at the initial level of 30% of the estimated casino revenue.

Thus, the longer the player is in the game, the more returns the player will receive, and the more money will be brought into the game, which significantly increases the partner's profit.