Play casino games for Bitcoins

Welcome to our Bitcoin casino! Right now, you have the opportunity to play roulette, slot machines and poker for Bitcoins, and also play casino games for free without registration.

We remind you that you can make deposit to your game account one way only: by direct transfer from the client's Bitcoin wallet to casino's Bitcoin wallet address. You can get the address and QR Code in CASHIER/Deposit.

Due to the fact that Bitcoin has a high rate the player's account is displayed in fractions of Bitcoin (xBTC). Today 1 xBTC = 1/10000 part of one Bitcoin. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC, then your casino account will be replenished at 10000 xBTC. The deposit is 0.01 BTC, will increase the score by 100 xBTC.

If you do not have your own Bitcoin wallet, you can get such wallet easily and it will not take a lot of time, because:

You do not have to register in the system when creating Bitcoin wallet! You are also not required to specify any of your personal information. To start receiving and using Bitcoins, it is enough to install wallet software on your computer. More information:

Due to decentralization of Bitcoin currency, far more than a single producer issues wallet programs for managing Bitcoins. As a result, a user has a choice of a dozen various Bitcoin wallets.


Which Bitcoin wallet to choose

Essentially, the functions of any Bitcoin wallet are as follows:

- wallet program generates a wallet file on your computer.

- creates a graphical interface to send and receive Bitcoins easily.

- controls and checks the operations.


All wallets program can be divided into "heavy" and "light".

"Heavy" wallets load data on all transactions ever committed in the world to the user's computer. They support Bitcoin network, by reviewing transactions of the others and transferring them from node to node. The condition of loading all the blocks of transactions is required for operation of "heavy" wallets. These wallets use a lot of hard disk space and allocate part of RAM for their needs.

It is worth noting that the use of "thick" Bitcoin wallets imposes certain requirements not only to capacities of the user's PC and the speed of the Internet connection, but also to the level of "advanced" experience of its owner. It's no secret that today the entire blockchain of transactions has a volume of tens of gigabytes and its loading takes a long time and requires some settings of the wallet program.

"Light" wallets load just a small last part of the entire block chain of transactions, or take all the necessary information from third-party services. These wallets are faster, and are ideal for people who have no great experience of using Bitcoins.

Therefore, the use of simplified "light" wallets to manage your Bitcoins is not only justified, but sometimes is the only possible solution to get acquainted with the world Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The list and description of the popular wallets.


The most popular and convenient "light" Bitcoin wallet is:

Electrum - this bitcoin wallet requires few resources, it is fast and easy to use. To handle transactions, it uses the remote servers.


If you do decide to choose a "heavy" Bitcoin client, you should consider the most popular and stable Bitcoin wallet:

Bitcoin Core - is a fully-featured client program. It requests loading of a complete block chain of transactions. Bitcore Coin is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, as well as in Ubuntu PPA format. It is characterized by a high level of security and confidentiality of payments. Disadvantages: this Bitcoin wallet has not so much options, occupies a lot of hard disk space and requires a lot of RAM.


There are also applications for mobile devices, allowing you to manage your money anywhere from phone or tablet. Working with them is quick and convenient. Mobile Bitcoin wallets allow making payments according to scan-and-pay scheme. To make a payment, you have to scan QR Code with your device and make the payment. All the existing mobile Bitcoin wallets are "light". As has been noted, these wallets do not require downloading blocks, and all data is loaded from dedicated servers.

Among these, the following are worth noting:

Bitcoin Wallet - for Android is reliable and easy to use, and it is also fast and secure.

GreenAddress - is a convenient wallet with multi-signature, enhanced security and confidentiality. Your keys are not sent to the server, even if encrypted.

Hive - is a user-friendly Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet with a nice, elegant and simple interface.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet - is an open source wallet for Android, designed for secure, quick and easy use. 


Web Wallets.

If for any reason the installation of Bitcoin wallet software on PC is not acceptable to the user, he may consider the use of so-called Web wallets. These are online services offering management of your money on their website on-line, without having to install the wallet program on the user's computer. This type of wallets is convenient because you can use it from any, even someone else's device connected to the Internet. Such a way may be of interest to get acquainted with Bitcoins and working with small amounts.


What games can you play in our casino for Bitcoins?

The use of Bitcoin currency for online payments provides a number of undisputed advantages. The absence of intermediaries between the sender and the recipient of payments allows short term transfer of funds. Anonymous sending and receipt of payments and other advantages.

As for playing for Bitcoins in our casino, you get:

- The opportunity to play the game and receive payments at any time, including weekends and holidays.

- No losses on translations of Bitcoins to casino currencies, as depositing/withdrawal of money occurs and the game itself is played in Bitcoins only.

- Affordable minimum bet in the games: from 0.01 xBTC (milli-Bitcoins) to play slot machines, and up to 0.1 xBTC on European roulette.

- The opportunity to participate in drawings and lotteries for tickets and chips received when playing for Bitcoins.

- Bonus on every deposit in Bitcoins, without necessary wagering. Read more>>