Dear player, in order to play for Ethereum currency, you need to go to the Profile page, and select the xETH account as the current one. After that you can refund the account and draw funds in Ethereum currency. USD, xBTC and xETH accounts are independent. Conversion of funds between accounts is not available.

Ethereum coins are circulating medium for the Ethereum blockchain platform, which was developed to create decentralized applications and on-line services based on smart contracts. Using Ethereum currency does not require identification. Despite the fact that the concept of decentralization has been borrowed from the Bitcoin network, initially the Ethereum concept was not strictly limited to crypto currency only. As stated by Vitalik Buterin, the author of the project:

"Our Ethereum platform is a common decentralized world computer, the application of which goes far beyond performing transactions. Ethereum has crypto-currency, but we do not focus on it. The project goal is to perform something that bitcoin can not do."

Ether coins are purchased and sold at most major crypto-currency exchanges. If you operate with minor amounts, you can transfer and receive etherium at Ethereum addresses that you are assigned to directly at the exchanges. At the same time, you just need to remember the details of your account, and also keep in mind that in this case the exchange owns the private keys from your crypto-currency addresses, and you will not be indemnified against fund loss if the crypto exchange ceases to exist.

Do not forget that you need to assess the reputation and reliability of crypto-currency exchanges before entrusting them with your funds.

Multi-currency browser wallet MyEtherWallet may be a welcome alternative option for transferring, storing and sending Ethereum coins. The site is based on JavaScript and allows you to create and use an Ethereum-address for receiving and sending your funds.

MyEtherWallet is not an online wallet in the traditional sense, for you do not create an account and do not leave your money to be stored on someone else's server. Instead, you just gain access to information and an interface to work with it. All private data is created and processed in your browser, not on a third-party server. Further on, it is up to the client to determine where and in what format to store his Ethereum purse details.

Due to certain differences in technology, Ethereum currency proves to be even more suitable for on-line payments, as with it confirmation of transactions is done by times faster than in the Bitcoin network.


Advantages of playing for ethereum in our casino:

- Automatic deposit crediting, no waiting for blockchain confirmation required. Fund withdrawal commission free.

- An opportunity to start the game right away and get a win without identification.

- There are no losses for conversion into game currency, since fund placement-withdrawal and the game itself are done in Ethereum coins (ETH).

- For the convenience of the player, all the games are conducted in units xETH (1 xETH = 0.001 ETH). These are also the units to show the player's Ethereum account status in the casino.

- An available minimal bet in games: 0.01 xETH on the slot machines and 0.1 xETH in European Roulette.

- An opportunity to take part in the ongoing drawings and lotteries for Lottery tickets and Prize chips the player gets when playing on Ethereum (ETH).

- A bonus granted for each deposit in xETH units without any mandatory wagering.