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roulette tournament


1. Time and venue

1.1 The time of start and end of the tournament is 18:00 (GMT-0 time zone).

1.2 The tournament is held at tables and according to the rules of European roulette, with support of fair play control features.

1.3 Tournament duration is 48 hours (in order for the players to have an opportunity to play in convenient time of the day independently of each other)


2. Participants

2.1 The tournament can be attended by players who have tournament tickets, which are automatically credited to active players. The accrual principle is described on this page. The player can see his tickets on the Profile page.

The “NEXT IN" ticket gives you the right to enter the nearest tournament once.
          “NEXT IN+” - the right to enter the nearest tournament or can serve for re-registration.

Ticket “ANY IN” guarantees entry to one tournament during the year.
           “ANY IN+” - entry to one tournament during the year or re-registration.

Ticket “YEAR” - participation in all tournaments of the year, including repeat registrations.

2.2  Having a suitable ticket, to participate in the tournament, just click the "REGISTRATION" button on the page tournament lobby.

2.3 You can register in advance (1 day before the start) and during the entire tournament not later than 5 minutes before its end. The order of registration of the players does not matter.

2.4 The maximum number of participants is unlimited.

2.5 In case the player loses tournament chips, he has the right for repeated registration. To have an opportunity of repeated participation, the game on the previous table should be closed by successive clicking Exit > Quit buttons. The number of allowed repeated registrations is two. To re-register, you must use the ticket intended for this purpose.

2.6 All players who have increased their initial stack of 1000 FUN, but are not among the winners, get the opportunity to start the next tournament with their remaining stack. Entry to the tournament for such players takes place on a general basis.


3. Prize fund and determination of winners

3.1 The prize fund of the tournament is $500.

3.2 The entire prize fund is shared among prize winners according to the established per cents from total prize fund:

1st place 45%,
2nd place 25%,
3rd place 15%,
4th place 10%,
5th place 5%.  

3.3 Independent from the number of participants, there is always only 5 prize places.

3.4 Upon completion of the tournament, the amounts won are credited to USD accounts of the winners.

3.5 The criteria for determining the winners is a number of chips of each player on the table at the end of each tournament. In case of equal number of chips, participants share the prize place, getting equal parts of the prize.


4. Game process

4.1 Immediately after registration in the tournament, a table opens with 1000 FUN chips, but access to the game will only appear after the beginning of the tournament. Each participant plays on his separate table.

4.2 The total bet per spin should not exceed 100 FUN. Participants of the tournament bet as they wish, or can refuse to play, retaining their original stack of 1000 FUN chips, which will be counted to determine places of the participants.

4.3 Throughout the tournament, the participants can temporarily leave the game by closing the window with a "cross" (or successive clicking Exit > Exit), and restore the table to continue participating in the tournament (RESTORE button in tournament lobby).

4.4 During the tournament, leaderboard is updated every 3 minutes. REFRESH button is used to display the result on demand.

4.5 At the end of the tournament, all open tables are closed automatically. In addition, if after clicking SPIN, the player saw the message on the end of the tournament, current bets are considered not placed, and the spin invalid.

4.6 You can view the results of all your spins and tournament history in HISTORY section.


5. Force majeure

5.1 If, for technical reasons related to website operation, the continuation and completion of the tournament becomes impossible, the tournament will be extended to one day. And all participants will be notified by e-mail about the changed time of tournament completion.

5.2 In case website operation is restored earlier than one hour before tournament completion, the tournament will be completed according to the established schedule. Additional time for the game is not provided. E-mail notifications will not be sent to the participants.