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Main Features    

  • Tournaments are held around the clock 24/7.

  • The prize fund of the tournament consists of entry fees from participants.

  • One half of the participants (Winners) receive a prize equal to twice the entry fee. The remaining half of the participants lose their entry fee.

  • The tournament is held without commission. There is no guaranteed prize pool.

  • Short tournaments are held from 14:00 to 21:00 (UTC-0 Time).
    Participant's fee 10$. The Prize is 20$.

  • One long tournament is from 22:00 to 16:00 (UTC-0).
    Fee 30$. Prize 60$.

  • Multiple participation is possible (item 4).
  • Participant's fee in any currency.
  • The table of participants may look like this:


Place Login Result Prize
1 Viktor 1350 20 USD
2 Benj 99 20 USD
3 Lutfullam 34.4 20 USD
25 Nikky 25 20 USD
5 Piter 17.1 20 USD
6 Mark_Tengale 17 20 USD
7 Billioner 17
8 Eva 15
8 Wall-e 0
10 Lucas -50
11 Chuang -999
12 Rin -1000


1. Time and venue

1.1 The tournament is held at tables and according to the rules of European roulette.

1.2 Tournaments are held around the clock. Up to 4 consecutive tournaments are planned to be held during the day:

       Attention! The time is specified in UTC-0.

  • Short tournaments with an entrance fee of 10 USD are held from 14:00 to 21:00. The duration of such tournaments is 1 hour plus minutes until the next even hour.

  • After 22:00 hours, there is one long tournament (entrance fee is 30 USD), which will end at 16:00 hours.

1.3 Each new tournament starts automatically after the registration of the first participant. (So, if the tournament started at 16:24, it will end at 18:00. That is, the tournament lasts 1 hour until 17:24, plus an additional 36 minutes until the next even hour at 18:00).

The next tournament can be started by a new participant in 15 minutes after the completion of the previous one.

       Attention! The time is specified in UTC-0.

After 01:00 hours, it is planned to hold a long tournament, the end of which always occurs at 19 o'clock. Thus, the duration of the 4th tournament, depending on the start time, can vary from a maximum of 18 hours to a minimum of 1 hour (if the first player starts the tournament at 18:00).


2. Registration of participants

2.1 Any player who has the necessary amount on his USD account or equivalent (at the average exchange rate) in cryptocurrency can participate in the tournament. The amount of the participant's contribution is indicated in the tournament lobby.

2.2 The tournament starts automatically, immediately after the first registered player.

2.3 The maximum number of participants in the tournament is not limited.

2.4 You can register for participation directly at the time of the tournament, no later than 5 minutes before its completion, or join the tournament during the hours provided for in item 1.3.

2.5 To participate in the tournament, just click the " REGISTRATION " button on the page tournament lobby. With this, the participant's fee will be withdrawn from the player's current account.

2.6 There is no pre-registration for the Martingale's tournament.

2.7 If the player who started the tournament turned out to be the only participant, then at the end of the tournament (according to item 6.5), he will receive his entry fee back to the account, regardless of the result of his game.


3. Game process

3.1 Immediately after registration in the tournament, a table opens with 1000 FUN chips. Each participant plays on his separate table.

3.2 Participants of the tournament bet as they wish, or can refuse to play, retaining their original stack of 1000 FUN chips (result 0), which will be counted to determine places of the participants.

3.3 Limits of Bets.

Inside Bets (Number, Split, Street, Corner, First Four, Six Line):
- from 0.1 to 1000 FUN.

Ставки на шансы (Dozen, Column, Red/Black, Even/Odd, 1-18/19-36):
- from 0.1 to 10000 FUN.

3.4 Throughout the tournament, the participants can temporarily leave the game by closing the window with a "cross" (or successive clicking Exit > Exit), and restore the table to continue participating in the tournament (RESTORE button in tournament lobby).

3.5 At the end of the tournament, all open tables are closed automatically. In addition, if after clicking SPIN, the player saw the message on the end of the tournament, current bets are considered not placed, and the spin invalid.

3.6 You can view the results of all your spins and tournament history in HISTORY section.


4. Repeated and multiple participation

4.1 To be able to participate again, the game on the previous table must be closed by pressing the buttons sequentially ("Exit">"Quit"). In order to avoid an accidental exit from the tournament, you can close the game table with less than 100 FUN remaining on it.

4.2 The participant has the right to close the game table if he has doubled his initial stack (2000 FUN or more on the table). In this case, the result of the current game will be recorded in the tournament table and cannot be changed. After the table closes, the player can enter the tournament with a new attempt.

4.3 The number of repeated registrations is not limited.

4.4 Each new registration corresponds to a separate row in the table of participants.

4.5 The cost of each new registration is equal to initial fee.


5. Table of Participants

5.1 The table of participants is located in the lobby of the tournament and displays all the players who have paid the entry fee.

5.2 With repeated participation, the player takes a new separate line in the table.

5.3 If only one player appears in the table of participants, then his results are hidden. Such a measure is necessary in order not to give potential rivals an advantage, to make a decision to participate in the tournament relying on the results of the first player.

5.4 With an equal number of chips, the participant who registered in the tournament earlier is higher than the participant who entered the tournament later. The time of registration of the attempt is taken into account.

5.5 During the tournament, the table of participants is updated every 3 minutes. The "update" button is used to display the result on demand.


6. Prize fund and determination of winners.

6.1 Prize fund of the tournament is summed up from the fees of all participants. The tournament is held without commission of Casino.

6.2 The winners of the tournament are the players in the upper half of the participants' table. They receive a prize equal to twice the entry fee. The other half of the participants lose their entry fee.

6.3 The criterion for ranking participants is the number of chips on the table of each player.

6.4 With an equal number of chips, the participant who registered in the tournament earlier is higher than the participant who entered the tournament later. The time of registration of the attempt is taken into account.

6.5 If the number of participants in the tournament is odd, the player in the middle of the table receives his entry fee back.

6.6 After the end of the tournament, the amounts won are credited to the winners' USD accounts.


7. Force majeure circumstances.

7.1 If for technical reasons related to the operation of the site, the continuation of the tournament becomes impossible, the tournament will be canceled. After the site reopens, participants will receive their entry fees back.

7.2 There may be cases of additional compensation by the decision of the administration.