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«Never play cards with strangers»

Follow this principle while playing in a high-risk area, which is the Internet. And knowledge of fair play control basics will help you in this.



Before each deal, casino software generates a random sequence line of all 52 cards of the deck and the joker, if necessary. This sequence will be the initial sequence of cards.
The cards correspond to their abbreviations in the sequence line as follows: s -spades, c –clubs, d –diamonds, h –hearts,   A –ace, K –king, Q –queen, J –jack, T –ten, jo -joker; the numbers correspond to the rank of the card.
For example, our server has generated the following sequence line:

Deck=Qc, 9s, 3d, 4s, 5h, 5d, 2h, Ad, Kd, Ts, Js, 7s, Tc, 3c, As, 9d, 4h, 4d, 7d, Ah, 8h, 8d, Jc, 5c, 6s, 6h, Ks, Ac, 8s, Kc, 2c, Qh, Kh, Td, 3h, Th, 2d, 9h, Qd, Jd, 6d, 7c, Jh, 8c, 6c, 7h, Qs, 5s, 2s, 3s, 4c, 9c
The next deal will be played according to the order of this sequence.

Then the verification code is generated for this sequence by using SHA-256 hashing algorithm. For the above line the verification code can and only will be as follows:

The resulting verification code is sent to the player before the deal.

Recall that receipt of the verification code by a player does not limit his choice of bets, the number of playing boxes, and even does not oblige him to play. By clicking "Deal" the player confirms the bets he placed. Only then are the cards dealt from the previously generated virtual card deck. Further, if, for example, the player plays only on one box, the first card of the above sequence - queen of clubs – will be dealt to him, the second card - nine of spades – to the dealer, three of diamonds - again to the player and so on.

At the end of each deal, you can view the hands played in the game history, where you can find the initial sequence of cards in the deck and the sequence line, from which you can generate the verification code with the built-in hash calculator. The calculated code generated by the player and the verification code sent to him before the deal must absolutely match. This match is a confirmation that the player sees exactly the same sequence line (card deck) that was generated by the software before the deal. It is not difficult to trace that the cards in the deal appeared according to this sequence line.

If it is not enough for the player to realize that the game is played in accordance with a predetermined random sequence, in our casino he can directly specify the order that the generated deck of cards will be played. For this purpose, the player should specify the sequence of cards in the "Order" box. You can list which card from the sequence you prefer to be played 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Place a comma between numbers and do not repeat any number. For example, if cards in the initial card deck are arranged as follows: 

Jd, Ah, 9d, 6c, 3d, Qs, 2s, 3s, Kc, Jh, 8d, 9s, 2c, 2h, 7d, 7h, Qc, 2d, Jc, Tc, Td, 4c, Kd, 7s, 5h, 5s, 3c, 6d, Ac, Kh, Ts, As, 5c, 7c, Qd, 6h, Js, 4s, 8c, 8h, Qh, 3h, 9c, Ad, 8s, 5d, 4h, Th, 6s, 9h, 4d, Ks
  and you specify five numbers -  15, 20, 2, 33, 25 in “Order” box. It means that the 15th card ( 7d ) will be dealt first, the 20th card ( Tc ) will be dealt second, the 2nd card ( Ah ) will be dealt third, and so on. After the modification ends, all the remaining cards will be dealt in order.

For convenience and to avoid possible errors, the "Auto" button is available for the player. When it is clicked, a random set of numbers for modification is generated in "Cards". You can also enable the "Auto Modifying" option in "Options", which will provide automatic modification generation.

The modification specified and the new order of cards in the deck corresponding to it, will be available in the modification table in the game history.

In "J POKER" value Joker= is additionally added to the initial line, determining a card to be the Joker for the current deal. This value can be from 0 to 59. A value of 0 means that the Joker is the two of spades, a value of 1 means that the Joker is the three of spades, etc... A value of 12 means that the Joker is the ace of spades. Continuing, in the same order, clubs, then diamonds, and finally, all cards of hearts cards. Values between 52 and 59 correspond to a situation where the Joker is the opened card of the dealer (DOC).
In addition, the player can change the Joker card set by the casino software. For this purpose, before the deal you should set the displacement value in the "Displace" box from 1 to 59. After that, another card will be selected as Joker from the sum of the two values: the number generated by the software, and the number set by the player. For example: the software set card No. 3 to be Joker (five of spades). The player set the Joker displacement value to 12. The sum of these two values is 15, which corresponds to four of clubs. I.e. the player changed the Joker card initially set by the software. If the sum of the values is greater than 59, then it will be subtracted by 60.

If all of this is confusing for you: you can still play cards without fair play control, by only clicking the buttons needed to play and ignoring the additional interface features.