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If a casino player wants to get a verification code for the next series of spins prior to making bets on the first spin, he can specify the number of spins in a new series (from 30 to 99) immediately after opening the roulette table or immediately after completing the previous series of spins in the "Length" field of the game window and click the "New" button. The "Length" parameter is provisional and does not bind a player to play exactly this number of spins. The player can check the integrity of the winning numbers at the end of this quantity of spins, or only after closing the roulette game session ("Exit"->"Quit") if this quantity of spins is not reached.

When the player clicks "New", casino software generates a series of winning numbers in the quantity specified by the player. For example, if "Length"= 40, the series may be as follows:

Length=40 Series=15, 6, 36, 34, 0, 28, 34, 4, 18, 31, 15, 5, 30, 5, 0, 36, 18, 3, 20, 20, 19, 19, 11, 12, 17, 7, 31, 34, 15, 32, 36, 34, 0, 28, 34, 4, 18, 5, 0, 36
According to this generated sequence, these are the next 40 numbers that will be spun. Next, a verification code is generated at our server from this series of winning numbers using SHA-256 hashing algorithm. For the above sequence the verification code will be as follows:
and no other.

This verification code is sent to the player and is displayed in the “Series SHA-256” box of the roulette window. The above calculations at the server are instantaneous, thus the time interval between clicking "New" and appearance of the check code in the “Series SHA-256” box will be minimal. Remember that the receipt of the verification code by a player does not limit him in placing bets or choosing the type of bet, and even does not bind him to play. The player confirms his bets by clicking "Spin".

At the end of the specified quantity of spins or if the player closes the roulette session, he can review the series played in the game history with the sequence of winning numbers. And using the hash-calculator built into the interface (or any other), the player can generate the verification code from this sequence. The code generated by the player and the verification code sent to him before the series of spins must match completely. This match confirms that the player has the exact same sequence of numbers, as was generated by the casino software prior to the first spin. And the complete game series was played according to the exact same sequence of numbers that was used to generate the line of sequence.

If when opening a game table or at the end of the previous series of spins, the player has not clicked "New" to create a new series, a series with "Length"= 30 parameter will be created automatically, and the verification code for it will be available to view after the first spin.

If a player is not satisfied with the fact that the numbers generated for the roulette spins are according to a strictly defined random sequence and are not dependant on the numbers he makes bets on, then in our casino the player can directly change spin results by specifying the displacement value from 1 to 36 in the "Displace" box, to change the next winning number in the sequence. It means that if for example the player has specified a displacement value of 5, then instead of the next number in the sequence being 10, winning number will be 15 (10+5). If the result is more than 36, then 37 will be subtracted from it. For example, the next number in the sequence generated by casino software is 35, the player has specified a displacement of 5, the resulting sum will be 40 (more than 36). It means that the system shall subtract 37 from 40 and get 3 – this will be deemed as the winning number.

In the "Options" menu, the player can activate the “auto displace” option enabling an automatic random setting of the "Displace" parameter.

The game interface includes a “rebet” button to repeat previous bets on the roulette table.

In the History menu, you can view all the roulette bets you made in a visual representation.