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 Terms of accrual of prize chips

If you have prize chips, you can participate in a weekly Polygon drawing and try to get more than 1000 xBTC, prepared especially for you.

Players who do not wish to participate in the drawing, may sell their accumulated prize chips, at the offered price in the drawing lobby.

Polygon drawing is a promotional and personalized lottery with accumulative prize fund. This means that the prize of 1000 xBTC is individually for the player, and participation in the drawing does not require additional investments. In addition, each time depositing your prize chips for participation in the drawing, you increase your prize fund by the value sum of your prize chips*. Therefore, no matter what Friday would be lucky for you, you will win 1000 xBTC and additionally return back the value of all prize chips spent earlier.


Drawing Procedure

Drawings are held every Friday at 20:00(GMT-0). Every single drawing includes three spins with an interval of 15 minutes between them. Each of these sins is called a round.

To participate, go to   Polygon drawing lobby   and place all or part of your prize chips on the roulette numbers. To register bets, you must click Accept.

Next, at 20:00, the first winning number for the first round of the drawing will be determined.  All chips on the winning number pass to the second round of the drawing. At that moment no payout is made with prize chips for the number guessed.

In the second round of the drawing, you also shall arbitrarily place all chips (straight-up bets) allowed to the round in the roulette field. The chips on the winning numbers, pass to the third round, which is held in a similar manner.

If in the third round, one or more chips are on the winning number, the player will get all the accumulated prize made up of an initial amount of 1000 xBTC and the value of all prize chips deposited previously*.

Bets are accepted 5 days before the drawing, but not later than one minute before the start of the first round (spin).

Start of the first round – automatically at 20:00(GMT-0).
Start of the second round – automatically at 20:15(GMT-0).
Start of the third round – automatically at 20:30(GMT-0).

If a participant, for whatever reason, did not make bets for the second or third spin, or used not all chips that have passed to the next round, these unused chips are automatically positioned in the field, starting with the smaller numbers. For example, if the player have not placed 7 chips, these chips will be placed on the numbers from ZERO to 6. If you have not placed 40 chips, 2 chips will be placed on ZERO, 1 and 2, and 1 chip will be placed on all other 34 numbers.

If you successfully pass the second round of the drawing and before the third round, you can refuse to continue the struggle for the prize fund of the tournament and take the cash that corresponds to your current chances to win. Such a choice will be offered automatically at the tournament lobby page.

If you win the full prize or part thereof, prize fund for the next POLYGON drawing will be reduced to the initial value of 1000 xBTC.

The information on the drawing held is available at the website within 2 days until the beginning of the next drawing.

*Each prize chip deposited to the first round, adds 0.03 xBTC to the prize fund.