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 Terms of accrual of lottery tickets

Every Sunday at 20:00(GMT-0), PROFIT-LOTTO lottery drawing is held. Total prize fund is not limited. The participant shall guess three numbers of 37 available. Number of tickets accumulated is shown in Lottery field of the player profile. Blank lottery tickets are not linked to a specific date of the drawing. You can fill out the tickets by using the built-in interface in PROFIT-LOTTO lobby. Filled tickets will automatically participate in the next drawing. To determine the winning numbers, three roulette wheel spins are played. The order of winning numbers does not matter. The participants are not required to be online at the website at the time of the drawing. Verification code for fair play control will be available 2 hours before the start of the drawing.

Award for correctly guessed two numbers is 50 xBTC. For three guessed numbers – 1000 xBTC. Winnings are automatically credited to the accounts of the winners after the end of the lottery.

Accumulated lotteries can always be sold at the offered price in the lottery lobby.

Information on the lottery held is available within a week.