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The system of fair play control using archives allows the player to download a ZIP archive with the file containing the results of the upcoming spins to his PC. In the future, the player can make sure that his game in full accordance with the numbers contained in the archive downloaded earlier.

How to use zip archives for fair play control in roulette games:

1. Before or when playing roulette, download the archive with the txt-file containing the winning numbers for the upcoming spins. To do this, click on "Archive" in the roulette window. In the table that appears, click "Download ZIP" for the current series of numbers. Specify a path on your computer to download the archive file.

2. After playing the whole series of spins, go back to the archives list, and clicking on "password", copy the password for series just played in the clipboard.

3. Unpack the archive received earlier using the password from the clipboard. To unpack the archive, use the latest versions of WinRAR, WinZip or 7-Zip. (If you have no appropriate archiver at your computer, we recommend downloading it from one of the official websites:,,

4. Compare the winning numbers in your records or entries in the history, and the numbers contained in the text archive file. Coincidence of these sequences confirms non-interference in the game process on the part of the casino.

5. If the game was played using “Displace” option, track matching of the game results in the history and your own records.

6. The archive password is the same as a SecureWord, and is also given in a separate column in the series table in History section.