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Promotion! Receive up to 100%* of the revenue from Bitcoin gamers! Sign up in our affiliate program today and receive up to 100% of the casino profits for a lifetime.

This offer is for people who actively want to earn money by attracting players to our casino. You can be either an owner or a representative of a website and place promotional materials on your site. Or if you do not own a website, then in that case you just have to place referral links (containing the partner’s personal number) in blogs, forums, ads to participate.

Promotional material that contains a set of banners and referral links will be available for you after the affiliate registration on our website in the partner page.

Every visitor who comes from your link to our casino is assigned a cookie linked to your affiliate program, if the visitor does not have a cookie from another partner. Further, during the registration, his login will be included in the list of the players that you have attracted. In order for us to record your partner cookies in the downloadable application, all IP addresses of players are recorded on the server. This ensures that the player is linked when registering a new account from the installed downloadable app. Thereafter all accruals occur under the terms and conditions of the casino's affiliate program.

The amount of compensation that we pay to our partners, directly depends on the total amount of bets made by the players attracted, and it can be from 30% up to 90% of the estimated income of casino.

How to get up to 90% profit from involving new players.

So, for example, by playing roulette at the lowest bets the client of casino will bring 30-40 xBTC of profit to the partner within 10 hours of play. This bonus system will give you steady income and at the same time protect us against fraudulent schemes from partner-player scams.

Additionally, we offer the owners of sites that catalogue casino affiliate programs, to place the text of our affiliate program on their websites. The earnings in this case will be equal to 10% of the earnings of affiliates he attracted (this amount is NOT taken from the partner’s income).




  1. Procedure for reward calculation

    The frequency of visits to your page or your website's popularity will not affect the amount of your reward. Your income will entirely depend on the activity of the players attracted. You will receive 30%-90% of the estimated income of the casino from the players attracted. However, it is not equal to 30%-90% of the actual loss of the player, because the level of the actual loss is a variable value. Furthermore, it is zero if the player wins, and its use as a basis for calculating the partner’s reward is not possible. It is more fair and accurate to determine the activity of the player by the total amount of the bets he makes.

    Thus, regardless of whether the player has won or lost, the value of the partner’s earnings is:


    Partner’s reward table

Reward to
partner, %
Explanation Partner's share of
estimated casino profit, %
0.81% of the amount of bets
on European roulette
0.81% of bets on Roulette 36:1, except
straight up bets on numbers
0.4% of all bets
on Roulette with return
0.4%* of all bets "Ante"
in all poker games
10%* of bets "Ante",
played in the "dark"
20%* of every bets
in "Bonus"
2%* of the total bet per lines
on slot machines


  1. All accruals to the partner occur only from the games of the players attracted for real money from the xBTC, xETH and USD accounts. There are no accruals when playing for cash of FUN.

  2. We have provided a mechanism for additional rewards for partners whose players suffer steady losses due to making clearly wrong decisions in poker games. These bonuses will be awarded in cases where the player attracted loses not as a result of simple bad luck or normal dispersion, but as a result of his complete ignorance of the basics of poker.

  3. Statistics and accruals are maintained separately for each of your players. All information about your current income can be found in the table in the Affiliate Program section of the casino, available after registration. Also, this section contains information on the placement of promotional material.

  4. Receiving partner rewards

    A partner shall register and obtain his internal casino account. All of the current partner’s earned income will accumulate on this account. You can withdraw the amount received in any way available on the website. Cash can be withdrawn at any time by request from the PARTNERSHIP section of the casino. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 xBTC, 10 xETH or 10 USD. The transfer will be completed as fast as possible and no longer than one day.

    Accumulated accruals can be transferred to your own or another gaming account by specifying the player's ID number or login. The partner can also send funds from his gaming account to the gaming accounts of other players.

  5. By registering with the affiliate program, the partner automatically agrees with casino rules.

  6. The partner shall undertake all commission costs associated with deposits and withdrawal of funds through various payment systems.

  7. Spamming is prohibited. Spamming partners will be denied participation in the program.

  8. The casino administration may change the terms and conditions of the affiliate program, but such changes will NOT affect the agreements made with the partners who registered earlier.

  9. Advantages of the casino's affiliate program

    Rewards are accumulated in real time and you do not need to wait until the player loses. That is, you get your income regardless of the outcome of the games. You receive rewards from everyone – both lucky and unlucky players equally. You do not receive money from the players directly, but a share of the casino's estimated income (a considerable share).

    Recall that for European Roulette, in honest casinos with a fair play control system the casino's share (edge) is 2.7% of the bets made. We pay you 0.81% of the every bet made, which is 30% of that amount.

    Card games at our website are designed in such a way that casino advantage is minimized. With all the variety of rules and privileges, an average card game becomes 5 times more profitable than roulette for experienced players. This explains why the percentage for poker seems so low – 0.2% of the total amount of Ante bets. In fact, for this game, it is also 30% of the house edge.

    It is necessary to note that we are unable to promise quick earnings to our partners equal to 30-40% of the actual loss of the players attracted. This is due to the fact that, players do not lose – or rather do not always lose, and so their game continues long-term, as well as your income. If the affiliate program of any casino offers you a percentage of the actual loss, it shows that this casino is confident that its clients will lose quickly and is, therefore, a fraud.

    We are also unable to promise our partners earnings equal to 20-30% of the player's deposit. We are convinced that a casino offering partners such conditions, one way or another, is deceiving the players. It is possible that in these cases the partners are also at risk, that is, those people who honestly do their job attracting the clients.

  10. You can register as a partner here.