Registration issues.

  • How to start playing on the website?
    To play, you shall register and make a deposit to your game account from your Bitcoin wallet in CASHIER.
  • xBTC, FUN. Prize, Lottery accounts.
    xBTC account shows your Bitcoin balance – money that you can withdraw at any time. 1 xBTC = 0.0001 BTC. It is more convenient to bet 1 chip than 0.0001 chip.
    FUN account shows your training money balance. It is needed so you could play for free, become accustomed to the interface of a new game, to train, check strategies and for other needs.
    Prize: – shows the number of prize tokens accumulated by a player. You can use tokens in accumulative drawing "POLYGON".
    Lottery: – shows the number of virtual lotteries accumulated by a player. You can use lottery to participate in promotional drawing "PROFIT-LOTTO".
    Bonus account: - replenished and wagered according to the terms.
  • Which details shall I provide at registration?
    Only login, password and your e-mail.
    Login shall contain at least 3 characters of A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and _,
    Password shall contain at least 6 characters of A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and _.
    E-mail confirmation is not necessary.
  • Have not received a confirmation e-mail.
    The message could get in SPAM folder. Sometimes confirmation e-mail doesn't come because players wrongly provide their address. Also there are other reasons for e-mail not coming to your address. In any case, you can try to register once more using the same or another e-mail address.
  • How can I change my login?
    Login cannot be changed. If you want to play with other login, you shall register once more, providing another e-mail address.
  • Forgot my login and password.
    Regardless of money at your account, the account owner is a user having access to e-mail provided at registration in casino. E-mail address you are writing from corresponds to login: *****. Restore password by clicking "Forgot your password?" and follow the instruction.


Cashier (Questions regarding depositing and withdrawal).

  • Document required to withdraw winnings.
    You do not need any document copies. You can withdraw money at any time without providing your identity.
  • Casino ID number.
    Your ID is the given on the PROFILE page. This is the number used to identify you as a player in database. For your convenience, it is also given in payment form.
  • Minimum Bitcoin deposit. Wthdrawal limits.
    Minimum deposit to your casino account is 0.001 BTC (10 xBTC). Limitations for withdrawal – 0.5 BTC (5000 xBTC) maximum per day. See details at CASHIER >> Withdrawal.
  • Details for bitcoin transfer.
    You can withdraw money from xBTC account to your Bitcoin wallet only. You will receive it within one day.
  • What if I provide the wrong Bitcoin wallet at withdrawal?
    If you provide a wallet that does not correspond to the format of Bitcoin wallet address, we will prompt you to enter the correct recipient's wallet. Otherwise, money will be transferred to the address you provide.
  • Using multiple Bitcoin wallets. Can I use different wallets to deposit and withdraw money?
    Yes, you can.
  • Which details shall I provide to withdraw to VISA or MasterCard?
    We do not convert Bitcoins to other currencies. There are specialized exchanges for this purpose.
  • There is less money than there should be in my account! Why?
    Probably some money is on the tables with unfinished games. Please note that the amount displayed at your account does not include money on the open tables. You can also track balance changes at "HISTORY" and "CASHIER >> Transfer History".


Games (Game rules and interfaces).

  • Disabling animation in roulette.
    Uncheck "Animation" in "Options" menu, or click once in the roulette wheel area. You can always reduce spin time by setting "Short Spin" in "Options" of the roulette window.
  • When will BlackJack appear in your casino?
    We do not plan on introducing BlackJack in the near future.
  • Minimum and maximum bets in Roulette, Slots, Poker?
    Minimum bet per line for slot machines is 0.01 xBTC. Minimum bet for Roulette and Poker is 0.1 xBTC. Maximum bets are different and specified in the rules of the games.
  • Can I play for 0.001 BTC, for example?
    Yes, you can. When playing for xBTC, each time you start a game, you need to choose the amount you want to use at the gaming table or in the slot machine. It can be any amount not exceeding the balance in your account. We remind you that minimum deposit to your casino account is 10 xBTC.
  • What is a FUN account and what can I do with it?
    A FUN account is just to play for fun, not for cash. It is implemented so you will be able familiarize yourself with games and our fair play control. It is also suitable for the players that do not want to play for Bitcoins.
  • Difference between FUN and demo game.
    Demo game works autonomously, i.e. without server connection, thus, the speed of demo game does not depend on the quality of the Internet connection. They have different sets of rules – you can play for the maximum number of open boxes and with no limits for ANTE bets on later boxes in poker.
    Playing for FUN is exactly like to playing for real money. It becomes available after authorization. You can suspend and restore a game session. The game history is tracked, so you can control fair play of the casino.
  • When playing Crazy Monkey I won 2000, but the result somehow was not saved.
    Demo game runs without registration and is available for all users. If you played a demo game, you were not authorized at the website at that time. The result is not saved after closing a demo game.
  • How much does 1 FUN cost? Can I exchange FUNs to xBTC?
    The accounts are not related to each other. FUNs are for free. A FUN account is free to play. If a player has less than 1000 FUN left in his account, he can click the "FUN" word to add 10000 FUN more.
  • Can I play using gaming systems like Martingale?
    Yes you can. We do not prohibit using various systems to play roulette built on the Martingale principle. You can also use strategies to play poker.
  • How can I finish the game or remove it from unfinished games?
    To close the table and finish the game session, click "Exit" in the game window. In the pop-up window, click "Quit". In this case, all money from the table will be transferred to the player's account.
  • How can I return some money from the table back to my account?
    Click "Cashier" in the game interface and transfer money from the table to your casino account. Similarly you can add money to the table from your account.
  • The roulette game is frozen. It spins and the ball does not fall.
    This is possible in case of connection problems. If a signal on spin result does not come from our server, the ball can spin longer than usually. In the case of a loss of connection you will see a "Server error" message.
  • Connection lost during the game! What will happen to the money in the game?
    Regardless of the reason for the disconnection and the stage of the game, the interrupted game remains unfinished on software level. Cash remains on the table and cannot be transferred back to the account themselves. Your cash is on the open table until you finish the interrupted game. Click on the table name in UNFINISHED GAMES table. The players' cash is always in their account or at the open tables listed in UNFINISHED GAMES table.
    An unfinished game (or open session) is kept for 7 days, and then, if there is no activity, it closes automatically, and cash from the table is transferred to the player's account.


Bonuses (Questions regarding receiving bonuses)

  • Will I receive a bonus for my first deposit?
    In our casino, one person can register several accounts. In order to discourage players from opening more and more new accounts in pursuit of starting bonuses, the bonus on the first deposit is not provided.
  • Declining deposit bonuses.
    Declining a deposit bonus is initially not provided because its availability does not limit the players in their activity. Withdrawal will be available as before, game rules and terms are the same.
    You can withdraw money at any time without limitations regardless of whether the player received a bonus or not. As bonus is accrued to a separate bonus account, you can withdraw your money from the casino at any time.
    See detailed and accurate description of bonus receipt and wager terms on the website. If you still have your own reasons to decline the bonus, regardless of whether you have made a deposit or not, please contact support, in order to cancel your bonus and never accrue them in the future.


Game history. Fair play control (Questions regarding the use of fair play control)

  • Previous game history. Location of game or spin history.
    For this, login and click "HISTORY". A table will appear in a new browser tab containing all the game sessions that you have played for the last 7 days. By clicking on the selected session, you can see all the game details or spins played in it. To view bets and results of certain games click on the selected line.
    The history of games is kept for 7 days.
  • Using fair play control.
    You can see the initial sequence and compare it with the sequence of the game in "HISTORY". See details on the Fairness Control page.
  • Am I correct that in the generated line of spins, for example: Length=30 Series=10, 17, 3, 32 ..... number 17 is a number of the second spin, i.e. 17 (black)?
    Yes, you are right. But only if the number displacement is not set (displace <0>) and in the Options menu the following item is unchecked: options >> auto displacement. See details on the Fairness Control page.
  • How can I copy (write out) the code from the "Series SHA-256" window?
    Playing roulette or poker, click "Copy" button. Playing slot machines, click "C" button. By clicking these buttons, the verification code is copied to clipboard. Then you can paste it to notepad or another text editor for comparison.

    Promotional drawings (Questions regarding Profit-Lotto, Polygon)

  • Exchanging PRIZE tokens and Lottery tickets to money.
    In order to exchange Prize tokens, use the form in the lobby of the "Polygon" drawing. In order to exchange Lottery tickets, use the form in the lobby of the "PROFIT-LOTTO" drawing.
  • Hi! I have 37 tokens to play Polygon. Help me to correctly use them. If I bet all the tokens in the first round, one of them will surely win and go to the 2nd round, and all the rest will be lost. Am I right? But for example if I bet half of the tokens, and one of them wins and goes to the 2nd round – will I be able to use the remaining tokens which did not play in the 1st round?
    Only the tokens that won in the previous round go to the next round. The tokens not bet in the first round, will not be eligible in the second round. The tokens not bet in the first round are not used in this drawing, and they can be used in further drawings.

    Technical problems (Unstable game or website operation)

  • "Server Error" message appeared during the game.
    This message is issued by the client's browser application when the synchronization signal cannot be transferred as a part of the data exchange with the server. It shall be regarded as a temporary loss of connection. In the menu that appears, click "Try" (try to restore synchronization). In case of failure, suspend the game. After awhile, try to restore the game from the UNFINISHED GAMES table.

    Questions about casino tech support

  • Why is there no online tech support or chat at the website?
    Typically, operating live tech support on a website is no more than a PR stunt. It is no secret that not very competent people are employed to such services, and are only provided with a list of possible questions and template answers.
    Often the help of such online consultants can confuse or even mislead a novice player. Formal template answers from such services sometimes only worsen the situation. Often by receiving wrong information from such services, a player does not even have the opportunity to appeal to the administrator.
    Applying to tech support of our casino via the feedback form, your message will be considered by a competent specialist. So you will always receive a comprehensive reply or even complete solution to your problem.

    Offers and comments

  • I have found a mistake on the website/in the game.
    We reward players for finding mistakes and deficiencies in our work. Please tell us about any mistakes found.
  • I have a business proposition for you, but I do not want to send it to the support service. I would like to contact the administrator. Is it possible to call or video conference with the admin via Skype or similar service?
    We accept all questions and offers to the following e-mail addresses only: [email protected], [email protected].
    We will be glad to cooperate.