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In order to offer evidence of the fair game results upcoming games are generated just before they start. Further, at its option, the player can download to your computer password-protected zip archive with the prepared winning numbers or to use a checksum of the rows of the outcome of the game on the sha256 algorithm.

The downloading of the archives is the most simple and understandable for beginners way. How to download zip files you can read in the instruction.

What is casino fair play control? This is a feature for the player's benefit, that is controlled by using simple methods based on the laws of probability, rather than on odds that have been adjusted to favor the casino. And also, it allows the player to participate in the generation of random sequences which will simulate the random number generator in the games.

The fair play control (FPC) of an online casino is intended to create and strengthen the image of a gambling establishment. Availability of FPC is what primarily distinguishes a deceptive website from a reliable online casino.

Typically the online casinos that were the first to implement fair play control in their range of services, earned the trust of the players and were eventually labeled the best.

What is the concept of the method behind casino fair play control? To get an idea of the essence of the method, you should understand why we do not accept the use of a conventional random number generator (RNG) in online games. It is unacceptable, because in this case the player can not objectively receive confirmation from us that the game outcome is a series of random events, because there is just no such evidence. Conventional use of RNG here is defined as a method when a player first makes bets, and only after that, in another part of the world, RNG is launched and the game outcome is determined. Do you agree with this way of determining the results? If it suits you, you may not waste your time reading and searching for a reliable online casino and go directly to a game without fair play control somewhere at another website.

As for us, we believe that the sequence of random events, according to which the game will be played, shall be generated before the game and sent to the player in an encrypted form. Thus, this allows the player to subsequently check that the game was played according to the sequence determined beforehand. Only in this case we can say with confidence that the game outcome was not determined by the player’s bets and his decisions made during the game.

We will call the encoded sequence the “verification code”. To generate this code, we use SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm) designed by American scientists and widely used throughout the world to protect information transmitted. SHA-256 is among such well-known algorithms as MD5, but is a more modern. SHA-256 algorithm is ideal for online casino fair play control because it is more resistant to cryptanalysis than MD5.

Hashing should not be confused with encrypting, as encrypting implies data decrypting and extracting the initial code line. Hashing is a one-way mathematical operation when it is almost impossible to extract the initial code line, so we provide the player with the verification code of the initial sequence or card or numbers before the game, without fear that it will be solved.

Verification mechanism is as follows.

1. Before the game, online casino software generates a line –random sequence of numbers or cards:

Series=14, 4, 0, 35, 5, 2, 15, 1, 5, 12, 2, 13, 34, 5, 16, 6, 0, 16, 13, 11, 28, 9, 0, 32, 22, 17, 24, 1, 24, 1
Passing through hashing algorithm, this line is converted to the code:
In this form the verification code is sent to the player. For a particular line, the code may be only this and no other. A change in at least one character in the initial line leads to a complete change in the verification code.
Furthermore, hashing makes it impossible to sort out two initial lines with absolutely identical verification codes.

2. The initial sequence will be available in game history after dealing of cards or a series of spins. The player can independently calculate the verification code from it and compare its identity with the code sent to him before, as well as trace that the game matched records in the initial sequence. For the convenience of our casino fair play control, the hash calculator is provided in History. The player can also use third-party online SHA-256 calculators; some of them are given below.

3. Another important term of our online casino fair play control is that the player can randomly change this sequence predetermined by the casino software in order to play according to his own mixed deck of cards or a sequence of numbers. To do this, in roulette the player can set an offset to the winning numbers. And in card games the player can set his own sequence of cards dealing from the deck generated by casino software.

4. For better protection of the initial line against picking, we complicate it by adding a secure word to the end of the line: SecureWord=qwDFryiFpmnTRGnvaDzfsjHfjkglgjk

Read more about the mechanism of fair play control in individual games in the appropriate sections (see the list above).


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