Play casino games for Bitcoin Cash

Welcome to our Bitcoin casino! Right now, you have the opportunity to play roulette, slot machines and poker for Bitcoin Cash, and also play casino games for free without registration.

We remind you that you can make deposit to your game account one way only: by direct transfer Bitcoin Cash to casino's Bitcoin Cash wallet address. You can get the address and QR Code in CASHIER/Deposit.

Due to the fact that Bitcoin Cash has a high rate the player's account is displayed in fractions of Bitcoin (xBCH). Today 1 xBCH = 1/1000 part of one Bitcoin Cash. For example, if you deposit 1 BCH, then your casino account will be replenished at 1000 xBCH. The deposit is 0.01 BCH, will increase the score by 10 xBCH.

More information about Bitcoin Cash:

What games can you play in our casino for Bitcoin Cash?

The use of Bitcoin currency for online payments provides a number of undisputed advantages. The absence of intermediaries between the sender and the recipient of payments allows short term transfer of funds. Anonymous sending and receipt of payments and other advantages.

As for playing for Bitcoin Cash in our casino, you get:

- The opportunity to play the game and receive payments at any time, including weekends and holidays.

- No losses on translations of Bitcoin Cash to casino currencies, as depositing/withdrawal of money occurs and the game itself is played in Bitcoin Cash only.

- Affordable minimum bet in the games: from 0.01 xBCH (milli-Bitcoin Cash) to play slot machines, and up to 0.1 xBCH on European roulette.

- The opportunity to participate in drawings and lotteries for tickets and chips received when playing for Bitcoin Cash.

- Bonus on every deposit in Bitcoin Cash, without necessary wagering. Read more>>