European Roulette

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• minimum bet is 0.1 xBTC
• European Roulette Rules

Roulette with return at ZERO

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• minimum bet is 0.5 xBTC
• minimum stack is - 50 xBTC
• Rules of Roulette with return at ZERO

Roulette with increased payout

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• minimum bet is 0.1 xBTC
• Rules of Roulette with increased payout

Martingale's Tournament •  Martingale's
tournament rules

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Set & Go tournament •  SET & GO 
tournament rules

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Roulette Tournament •  Regular Roulette

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Right here, right now – a modern version of roulette online in one click. You are welcome to play roulette online, for free (for fun).

On this page you can find the most interesting roulette games with various but attractive rules to choose from for the most demanding player. Some of our rules allow minimizing the casino advantage.

Playing online roulette for free without registration, a client gets the game with an unchanged interface. After registration, you will have access to a separate account to play for fun with 10,000 FUN.

For players that like betting on outside bets we have a special roulette with return when ZERO wins. See the description of bets that provide compensation in customized rules of  French roulette with return.

For those players who like betting on the playing field (inside bets), as a good alternative we have made a  roulette with increased payout for any guessed number. If you chose the roulette with these rules, you will get 36 to 1 payouts, instead of the standard 35 to 1 payouts of European roulette. Increased payout is intended for bets placed on a number. Such changes to rules allow novice players to keep playing a bit longer and familiarize themselves with betting options and roulette table interface features in detail.

If you are going to play for cash, you probably know of our special bonus for each deposit or already have half of your deposit in your bonus account. All bets made on roulette games will accrue towards the wagering requirements in the bonus account. To track the wager level of the current bonus, click on Bonus Account. In the game interface, when wagering another 10 xBTC you will be notified that the wagered amount was deposited to your  xBTC account.

When necessary, you can transfer money from your  xBTC account to an open game table and return them back. To do this, click on Cashier in the roulette interface.

So, playing roulette free online is the best way for you to get to know the queen of gambling games – European roulette.

Please note that in online roulette demo mode only two games are available for free. You can play European roulette and roulette with return if ZERO wins.
In the roulette game for FUN, fair play control is enabled.

All online roulette games for free without registration are played locally on the user's PC, thus, cannot support fair play control that involves data exchange with the server while playing the game.